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Brand Story

“When you dare to dream and desire to change your life and the lives of other women around you and beyond - magic happens”. 
Ange Alfred - Founder and Dream Destination Designer 
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As a young, wide-eyed girl growing up on Australia’s mid-north coast, I dreamt of travelling to the most inspired and desired destinations in the world. When I started travelling, it became my wanderlust where I felt calm, connected and creative. I was hooked. 

But one fateful trip to Italy in 2016 unleashed my senses, embodied in my soul and changed my life forever. 

One sun-soaked afternoon on this balcony in Positano, I was alone, unemployed, completely broke, single, and lacked purpose and passion in my life. What I didn’t know was that I was just one click away from my journey to designing the business and brand I’ve always desired to own and share with the world. 

Desperately scouring the job market on my trusty old MacBook was fruitless. So I visualised my dream job. It embraced my successful Media Sales career, Project Management skills, IT talents AND also include travel to amazing destinations - a big call, I know, but I was ready to dream boldly. 

I glanced back. And there it was! My dream role working directly with Flight Centre Travel Group. I applied with the soft Italian sun on my face and hope as my strategy. I landed the role, and life was divine with a new partner and baby boy. 

Then COVID blindsided us all. Travel was the first industry to fall. I still get goosebumps thinking about that surreal time when borders slammed shut, and many in travel boarded up their windows and shut up shop. I was stood down for 9mths in a hell-like limbo, filled with uncertainty, before redundancy shifted my entire life in a moment. I also needed to ‘pivot in these unprecedented times’, but I was utterly lost again. 

The only ‘journey’ I could embark on in lockdown was an inner one. I went deep to unleash my deepest desires and reinvent my career while reigniting my passion and purpose. I invited myself to imagine, indulge and inspire - all from the comfort of my tired and worn sleepwear (also my all-day-wear in lockdown). 

What I needed was to feel empowered, inspired and accomplished. 

All I could think of was finding more inspiring homeware/sleepwear and the destinations I dreamed of escaping to while googling ‘business ideas in COVID’. 

Then brilliance struck me! What if I combined all three? Inspired Sleepwear. Dream Destinations. An Online Business. So, I started to design the business and brand I had always dreamed of, and Brighton Lane was born. 

Brighton Lane is an Inspired Sleepwear Brand that invites women to imagine, indulge and inspire themselves. We offer luxury sleepwear/nightwear for ladies all across Australia. Our designs of nightdresses & pyjamas are inspired by dream destinations, like Italy and Paris for our latest collections while empowering women to feel confident, connected and creative. 

Brighton Lane exists to empower you to design your downtime and dream boldly of the destinations your life is taking you. It’s about beautiful elements from flowers, sunshine and feeling free to that lightness, blessed and grateful feeling you have when travelling, that feeling of Wanderlust in us all. 

At Brighton Lane, not only do we change the lives of the women who love our sleepwear, but together our social impact supports women’s shelters to provide safety, security and shelter for women and children in need.

I know you’ll love your inspired sleepwear as much as I’ve loved designing dream destinations for us to share that carefree, wanderlust feeling no matter where we are in the world or what may come next. 

Dare to desire and dream. 

Ange xx